Camping Experiences

The beauty of creating such an intentional camp experience is that we are not bound by the gender binary status and that all teens can participate in all kinds of activities, sports and outdoor events. 

Our goal is to create  a camp experience for all teens to enjoy. 

With this in mind, we offer three different types of camp experiences, each containing Color Splash Out™ 5 Key Components – utilizing empowering workshops, games where leaders and young people participate, and a yearly theme.

Color Splash Out Summer Camp

This five-day residential summer camp includes traditional fun activities such as games, cabin experiences, and swimming, as well as experientially focused, age-appropriate interactive workshops, leadership opportunities, and creative activities encouraging art, science, and music skills.  Color Splash Out™ camps conclude in a Variety Extravaganza Show in which campers may participate in unique presentations, including drama, comedy, music, dance, art, and other creative expression chosen by the participants. The emphasis is on community building and support of each individual’s contribution rather than standards of performance.

Color Splash Out—Backpack Edition

This is a three day camp experience with an abridged version of our five-day camp. The Backpack Edition is in a day camp format where teens go home every night. Often this program is run in partnership with a faith community, organization, or other community entity allowing for focus upon particular populations or needs.

Color Splash Out—Under the Stars.

This experience is a camping trip in a natural setting – that facilitates fun, safety, and growth while campers and leaders share a weekend camping in tents.