Our commitment to young people is to connect them with resources and assist them in areas that will leave an ever lasting impact in their lives.  We provide them with education, health, housing, employment, leadership development, and emotional and mental health needs, all with the goal of helping them become self-sufficient.


Assisting students who want to pursue their GED; as well as college preperation and planning to persue a degree at technical schools, colleges, or universities.


Facilitate conversations including, but not limited to eating disorders, Our Whole Lives Sexuality resources, HIV/AIDS information & resources, dealing with anxiety & depression

Housing/Basic Needs

Assist young people in the streets to find temporary safe housing while establishing a place for them to go. We also offer clothing & basic necessities to assist young people in need.


Assisting young people who need help in creating a resumes & mock interviews in preperation for entering the workforce. Training in basic Microsoft Office & Google Workplace

Leadership Program

Training young people in take on leadership posititions within their community with our Youth Volunteer Program – The Fellowship of the Unicorn

Emotional & Mental Health

All our camps provide a sesory room, staffed by qualified counselors to help younglings when they are feeling overstimulated.


List of resources to local & national businesses and organizations commited to helping at risk youth.