Our Color Splash Out™ team is dedicated to creating brave and safe spaces that build resilience, a sense of belonging, and enhance self-esteem. In addition  to providing fun activities like a traditional camp we engage teens in age-appropriate workshops exploring topics such as identity, social justice issues including power, privilege, and race. Our time together also includes art, science, and music. This also includes a performance Variety Extravaganza show  component.

We would love to welcome you to our team!

At this time we are seeking House Leaders (Camp Counselors).




The success of  Color Splash Out ™ is due to the exceptional team we built. And we are looking forward to meeting a diverse group of adults who intersect to co-create a safe and brave space. Our house leaders in traditional camps have often been referred to as cabin leaders or camp counselors. At  Color Splash Out ™  we define this volunteer position as a house leader.

This is a volunteer position with meals, room and board provided for the duration of the session.


  • A house leader’s main responsibility is to co-create with our team a welcoming and safe environment for young people to thrive during camp. 
  • House leaders are encouraged to create a welcoming environment by bringing with them items from home for this time together. The items we encourage the team to bring are for the purpose of enhancing our rented spaces. We focus on things that show pride, empowering quotes, and any other items to “spruce up” the places we rent. 
  • The house leaders will lead young people in middle school 11- 13 or high school 14 – 18.
  • House leaders will work together to facilitate sensitive and informed discussions with a focus on social justice issues, race, gender, class, and equity. 
  • Be a part of camp activities as possible such as playing games, going for nature walks or swimming. 
  • Apply appropriate teen development principles such as respect for diversity, encourage positive communication skills, empowering young people, 
  • Other responsibilities may include: communicating with head counselor regarding issues within the cabin, collaborating with medical and/or  Color Splash Out ™   staff as needed. 

House Leaders are guides that help teens learn about responsibility especially about their space.

  • For example:
    • Ensuring they do not write on the walls or beds regardless if the space is already tagged.
    • Keeping their space clean and their areas picked up and tidy.


  • House leaders oversee that the young people in their team are safely monitored and supported.  To ensure their safety teens will always be with their House and leaders. Teams of 2 House leaders to 10 or less is our equation. 
  • Actively supervise and engage with campers ensuring their safety and basic needs are met throughout the summer.


House leaders are part of an amazing team who work directly with our House Leader Isabel Moya.


  • Communication 
  • Problem Resolution 
  • MUST be part of the  LGBTQ+ community or an ally.  
  • Flexibility 
  • Team Player


  • 21+ years old 
  • Must be able to pass a background and reference check
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude
  • Requires to complete an online training on Otherwise Academy website.


  • This is a volunteer position.
  • Volunteers will be provided a twin bed in their House with the teens. 
  • Volunteers will be provided meals during camp sessions.
  • Color Splash Out ™ (CSP) Executive team will arrange different times in the day for house leaders to have breaks.


  • Qualified candidates will be contacted to set up zoom/facetime/skype interview(s) with our leadership team. Our goal is to be available to answer any questions. We will also arrange a team meeting to connect with other House leaders to plan activities prior to the arrival day.


If you have any questions about the position or want to be part of our team please reach out to isabelmoya@colorsplashout.org.


✅ Complete application form below
✅ Complete background check  – (Our President Isabel Moya will send you a link)
✅ Provide a reference – Please let them know a member of our Board of Directors will be reaching out.
✅ Schedule a video call (Google meet) online conversation with our Board of Directors Chair and Head House leader Isabel Moya.
✅ Once accepted as a volunteer​, make sure to schedule an orientation, greet and meet with the rest of the team before camp.